Impingement Jet Heat Transfer Research

I conducted an experimental and numerical study of impingement jet heat transfer along with Shichuan Ou at the Air Force Research Laboratory. We developed a test rig (pictured above) which measures the unsteady convective heat coefficient distribution of a rectangular array of 55 impingement jets targeting an orthogonal flat surface. Steady and unsteady numerical simulations were conducted of single and multiple impingement jets with similiar geometric characteristics as the experimental test facility. Below are sample videos of the unsteady numerical simulations conducted as well as an animation of experimentally measured data.

A detailed report was compiled describing the efforts and results. Due to the extensive multimedia included in the report, three versions are available for download based on the users' preference, with increasing file size. The version including videos is known to play the embedded videos using Adobe Reader on the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows operating systems. The embedded videos must be extracted from the pdf file on linux operating systems for playing. If you are using a linux operating system, you might as well choose the "No Videos" version and use one of the video download links farther below.
Many figures and videos from the report are also available in a slide show format as well. The same caveats mentioned above regarding pdf embedded videos also apply.
Individual videos from the report are also available.
A portion of the experimental results were presented at the 2011 AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference in San Diego, California and later published in the AIAA Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer.

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