Detailed Look at CPC1518 Solar Collector Power Output for Greater Cincinnati

  • Solar thermal collector power output is highly dependent upon operating temperature, weather conditions, and collector mounting orientation.
  • The figures below demonstrate how severe these variables can affect solar thermal collector power output.
  • Note to the viewer: Since these plots were generated (summer 2009) some optimizations have been made to the numerical model. There will be some discrepancy (less than 5%) between the "Solar Collector Power Output" tool. Until further notice, please use this page as an example of how solar thermal collector power output can vary, and use the "Solar Collector Power Output" tool to model specific configurations.
  • Detailed results for other locations coming soon!

Single Tilt Power Output vs Season

(increase in operating temperature under common weather conditions and collector orientation results in a decrease in efficiency)

(large variation in solar energy resource requires thermal energy storage)

Power Output vs Collector Orientation

Domestic Hot Water (DHW)

Power Output vs Collector Orientation

Radiant Heating

Power Output vs Collector Orientation

Absorption Cooling

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